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Our versatile selection of trauma wraps and binders are available in several sizes and widths. Trauma wraps are excellent for holding our cold, hot or gel packs.


binder.jpg (8661 bytes) All of our binders are made of the highest quality cotton materials.
  • Flexitone Duo Binder
  • Flexitone Universal Binder
  • Original Flexitone  Binder
  • Flexitone Universal Rib Belt
  • Flexitone Sized Rib Belt
  • Surgi-med Surgical Binder
  • Flexitone Pelvic Traction Belt
Trauma wraps are excellent with our Flexitone Reusable Gel Packs or Col-Press Instant Packs. We offer five different trauma wraps, including one for the shoulder, back, thigh, ankle, or shin. Each comes with one or three pockets respectively.


We also offer three different Flexitone® Temp Wraps. Temp wraps are 30" long and made of stretch bandage with a velcro closure. We offer a temp wrap with a Col-Press® Instant Cold Pack, a Flexitone Reusable Gel Pack, or none at all.

Size and material information is available with the ordering information.


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