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  tri-red.gif (92 bytes) write on almost any surface
  tri-red.gif (92 bytes) will not clog
  tri-red.gif (92 bytes) won't wash off with proper skin prep!


HMS Skin Marking Kits
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HMS skin markers won't wash off!

Skin Skribe is the original skin marker. Its performance has been proven with a 30 year reputation for reliability and ease of use. The precision ground tip won't clog and stays needle sharp - yet soft enough to insure patient safety.

The dual purpose Twin Tip Surgeon's Pen provides a fine and broad tip in one pen to facilitate fine and broad marking. Like the Skin Skribe® above, this pen is designed not to clog. 

HMS Skin Marking Kits
Kits are available with separate rulers and labels. All HMS skin markers have millimeter scale on barrels and are guaranteed against drying for two years from date of manufacture.


Proper skin prep is necessary for proper marking. Click below for "STAY-PUT" skin marking instructions 

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