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• HMS Peri-Pack's co-polymer pouch is softer and less abrading than any other perineal pack.

• HMS Peri-Packs do not have to be wet to transmit cold or heat to the patient.

• HMS Peri-Packs are circular wrapped with a highly absorbent non-woven material which wicks fluid flow around the pack to a high quality maternity pad.

Peri-Cold and Peri-Warm
Peri-packs are constructed as a pouch within a pouch. By squeezing as directed and rupturing the inner pouch, liquid and chemicals mix causing an immediate temperature change. Peri-Cold reaches the perineum gradually and comfortably, providing 20 to 40 minutes of therapeutic cold while Peri-Warm will provide approximately 115 degrees of  therapeutic heat lasting 20 minutes or longer.

Peri-Gel Cold Packs are easy and convenient to use. Store in the O.B. department’s freezer, remove and apply or for heat, place in a microwave oven at the lowest possible setting for 30 seconds and repeat until the desired temperature is reached. Peri-Gel's will maintain therapeutic cold temperature for up to 3 times as long as instant perineal packs.

Soft & Dry Patient Issue Perineal Pack
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