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Disposable COL-PRESS cold packs are available in junior and regular sizes. Comfort Cold has a soft non-woven cover.

Order Insulated Comfort Cold®, Col-Press® Junior, Regular Col-Press®, and Col-Press® First Aid Kit Size. We also have an Ice Collar® with a slip-on cover for cold treatment of the neck.

Disposable Comfort Warm packs are available in regular or junior size. All of our hot packs come with a non-woven cloth cover.  The easily activated pack - (just squeeze the pack to burst the inner bag and shake) - heats up quickly to approximately 125 degrees Farenhiet, making the packs safe and easy to use.

Flexitone Gel Packs are excellent for either cold or hot use and fit into HMS Thermal wraps. Gel packs are easy and convenient to use. For cold use, store in a freezer, remove and apply. They will maintain therapeutic cold temperature for up to three times as long as instant products. For HOT or WARM use, remove a stored gel pack (even from the freezer) and place in a microwave oven at the lowest power setting for 30 seconds. Repeat until the desired temperature is reached. Remove and apply. Flexitone Gel Packs are also used with Flexitone Trauma Wraps

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